A fun fact about bananas

Fun Fact Friday 4-29-16

Have you ever noticed that artificial banana flavoring and artificial banana flavored products don’t really taste like bananas?  That’s because the artificial flavor is based on a type of banana that was wiped out by a plague in the 1950’s. (That’s not … Continue Reading

blue whale largest animal ever

Fun Fact Friday, 4-15-16

The tongue of a blue whale weighs more than most elephants. The blue whale is the largest creature to ever inhabit the Earth, larger even than dinosaurs. And that human figure looks pretty darn small in comparison!

sliced bread

Fun Fact Friday 4-1-16

Otto Rohwedder, a jeweler from Davenport, IA, “invented” sliced bread by developing the first bread slicer in 1927. (So what do YOU think has been the greatest invention since then?)

Fun Fact Friday 2-26-16

Everyone knows giraffes have the longest neck, right?  But did you know that of all land mammals, the giraffe also boasts the longest tail?  An adult giraffe’s tail can be as much as 8 feet long! (Additional fun fact…I LOVE giraffes!)

Kansas City Chiefs football team

Fun Fact Friday 2-19-16

Eventually they decided on the name “Chiefs,” but before that, the ownership contemplated calling the team the Kansas City Mules.  Yikes.  But I would have loved them anyway–they are my boys!