Keep Your Vegetables and Fruits Fresher Longer!

My journey with food

About two years ago I started eating low carb/high fat.  I’ve been overweight my entire adult life, but at that point I had really ballooned up.  I felt awful.  I looked awful–bloated, tired, saggy.

It was right around the time my husband told me he didn’t want to be married to me any more.  That wasn’t necessarily the trigger, but it certainly curbed my appetite.

It was also right around the time I had to put my mother into assisted living because her Alzheimer’s had advanced to the point where she couldn’t live alone any more.

Food didn’t appeal to me, but obviously I had to eat something.  Somewhere I ran across an article about low carb/high fat eating.  It sounded crazy.  Eat bacon every day?  Mayonnaise?  Salad dressing?  Red meat?  It went against everything I had ever “believed” about “dieting”.

Well, it’s not dieting.  It’s a Way Of Eating.  And I adopted it.  I’ve lost 50 pounds so far.  Almost effortlessly.  I’m not kidding.  It’s SO easy!  The biggest adjustment for me was that I actually had to COOK things.  You can’t just order out for pizza or Chinese.  You peel and chop and mix and bake and saute and blend, and everything comes out fresh and yummy!

Eating Healthier?

Most of us want to eat as healthy as possible.  We all know fresh food is better for us than the processed junk.  So we buy fresh fruits and vegetables, and for whatever reason, often don’t get around to eating them before they go bad.

It’s happened to me.  I know it’s happened to you, too.  So what’s the solution?

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fresher produce keep vegetables fresh longer BluApple

The BluApple Freshness Extender.  I bought it because I was tired of tossing wilted lettuce and wrinkled tomatoes and soggy celery.  Being a single mom, I’m on a budget–a coupon-clipper–and I can’t afford to be literally throwing money away.

So I bought these BluApple Freshness Extenders.  There are two “apples” in the package, each just a little smaller than a tennis ball.  Put one in each of your fruit and/or vegetable drawers and the little packets inside absorb the excess ethylene gas and keep your produce fresher longer.  For me it’s usually up to twice as long.  I had an eggplant just last week that had been in there nearly two weeks and was still firm and fresh.  Lettuce lasts more than two weeks.  Grape tomatoes, maybe 3 or 4 days longer than usual.

Buy the package of extra packets and be set for a year.  If you eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, the whole set-up will pay for itself in a couple of months!

I chose this product as my very first affiliate recommendation because I LOVE IT so much!  I want everyone to reap its benefits!



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