Embarking on a New Adventure!

First official blog post!

First official blog post!

This is it!  I’ve been planning this moment for nearly 3 months.  Writing my first official Mama Loves Life blog post.  Thinking about it.  Dreaming about it.  Planning it.  Reading about how to do it.  But not actually doing it.

I’m a terrible procrastinator.  I always mean well.  I start off each day with a simple to-do list.  I fully intend to do the stuff on my list!  But more often than not, something will come up, something will distract me, something will take more time than I thought it would, and I end up not getting even half my list done.  Like today.  Five things on my list.  Two things got done.  But…the optimist in me says “two things GOT DONE!”

And that’s the point I hope I’m able to bring you on a regular basis.  That despite our faults or weaknesses, we can still find something upbeat and optimistic every day.  In almost every situation.  So come along with me and I’ll do my best to…

Help you find something to smile about!

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